Entertainment Program

The Entertainment Program we access is tailored to the unique needs of the communication and entertainment industry.  From AV rental dealers to satellite uplink services, the program provides broad coverage to protect the assets of communication.  Coverage is provided by an A-rated, Admitted insurance carrier.

Target Classes
Rental Dealers
Audio-Visual Equipment Dealers
Audio-Video, Multi Media Production Companies
Satellite Up-Link

Coverage Available & Program Highlights
Inland Marine:
-Owned Audio-Visual Equipment on Premises or Off Premises Including In Transit
- Leased, Rented or Borrowed (Including In Transit) Audio-Visual Equipment for the Insured's use, Including Sub-Rentals
- Audio-Visual Equipment you Lease, Rent or Lend to Others (Including In Transit)
- Business Income and Extra Expense as well as Mechanical Breakdown on the Equipment Off Premises
- Audio-Visual Equipment not owned by the Insured but in the Care, Custody and Control of the Insured for Repair or Servicing
- Voluntary Parting / Conversion

General Liability (Occurrence Form):
- Limits $1M / $2M
- Blanket Contractual Additional Insured
- Broad Form Property Damage
- Host Liquor Liability

- All Risk Coverage
- Replacement Cost Valuation
- Building Ordinance Coverage

Professional Liability:
- Broad Definition of Insured
- Broad Definition of Professional Services
- Duty to Defend
- Limits up to $2M Per Claim

Producer's Package D.I.C.E.:
Special features include:
Negative & Faulty Film
Props, Sets & Wardrobe
Property Damage Liability
Commercial Vehicle Physical Damage

Underwriting Requirements:
- Completed Supplemental Application
- Completed, Signed and Dated Acord Applications
- List of Equipment (Include Values and Serial Numbers)
- Copy of Rental Contract/Agreement
- Hard Copy of Loss Runs
- Applicable Brochures and Website Address
- Financials (Most Recent)
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